Small Business Law

small-business-bay-area-attorney-lana-blackUtilizing Lana Black’s own experience as an entrepreneur and a small business owner for many years, we feel an affinity for other entrepreneurs. We take pride in sharing our knowledge and offering small business owners the help they need to successfully navigate through uncertainty when starting a new venture. We understand what it’s involved in running a small business, the hard work and dedication it requires, and various challenges small business owners often face.

Our services to small business owners include the following:

Business Formation

Sometimes the structure of your business is just as important as the long-term business goals. We provide guidance at the inception stage, enabling you to make the formation decisions based on variety of legal, tax and operational considerations. And of course, we provide help with documentation necessary to launch your business successfully.

Contracts and transactional matters

Properly crafted contracts can protect you and your business, and help you minimize potential risks and liabilities, as much as possible. We can review business contracts you already have in place, or give you guidance with those you are considering signing, to help you understand the terms and advise you in unclear situations.

Operational Assistance

Let’s face it, there may be many occasions in the running of a business, requiring input from someone having both legal knowledge and a small business background. We understand the unique challenges facing small businesses, based on Lana Black’s own experience of successfully founding and managing new ventures. We are more than happy to help entrepreneurs weigh business decisions and offer guidance in variety of operational matters, right form the start and as the business grows.